Why 30 minutes early?

It is one of the questions we get asked the most, “Why do I need to arrive 30 minutes early for my appointment?”.  Upon scheduling an appointment for the first time, you will receive the instructions to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time of your appointment.  Taking the hint from being asked the question multiple times, I decided to explain the reasoning behind the policy.  In the end it is our goal at Kneaded Relief to provide a first class experience, and we feel this feeds that experience.

Arriving Early…why?

    1. Intake Form: Our intake form is like no other out there.  At Kneaded Relief we provide anything but a cookie cutter service.  We tailor each and every session to your needs and we start this by getting an extensive background on your wellness on our intake form.  We then write S.O.A.P. (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan) notes following each appointment so that regardless of whom you see each time, we are able to customize your service to what your requests are and what each therapist has seen and worked on.
    2. Amenities:  Upon arrival, guests are offered robes and sandals to change into (we do not offer robes to clients solely receiving nail services or waxing services due to the nature of the service).  Our robes and sandals are meant to start you along your journey to pure relaxation.  It also allows you to take less time having to change in and out of your clothes within our treatment rooms (if the service requires this), so there is more time on the table.  We also have a locker room available with a shower, restroom facilities and product amenities.
    3. Relaxation Retreat (and this is probably my favorite reason):  Kneaded Relief provides a heavenly retreat to utilize before your service.  Filled with comfy chairs, a couch, water, tea, snacks and magazines, this space immediately relieves any stress or frustrations you might be carrying.  The view overlooks a serene prairie and waterfall and you are immediately transported to another world (even though you are just steps outside Madison).

      View from Relaxation Retreat
      View from Relaxation Retreat

I understand that 30 minutes early (especially before a waxing service) can seem a little crazy to arrive for an appointment, but I promise you that by giving yourself that time you are allowing your body and mind some much “kneaded” wellness, and your experience here will be that much more enjoyable.

Dana Neal – Spa Manager, Guest Service Rep and Fan of arriving early for my appointments

Team Based System – The Kneaded Relief Difference

Kneaded Relief Day Spa & Wellness is a Team Based System Company. So what does that mean for our team and for you the guest? All employees of Kneaded Relief Day Spa & Wellness are paid an hourly wage. We do not pay commission, not on service sales and not on product sales.

What this means for our team members:
Regardless if the therapist is working with a guest or not, they are being compensated.
There is no competition between therapists.
Therapists don’t feel the need to hold on to their guests because guests don’t equal income.
Team members can make recommendations based on what the guest needs, not on what is the most expensive.
Team members help each other in a variety of ways. Our team is encouraged to mentor, coach and build strong relationships with one another. They support one another for the well-being of the individuals and the company.
TBS provides a steady stream of income and allows for Kneaded Relief to provide benefits such as insurance, Simple IRA’s, and vacation time. It also helps team members when making large purchases such as a home or car.

What this means for our guests:
Unlike other spas, we practice the highest form of team service.
The specialized skills of our entire team are available to you on each and every visit.
We don’t lock you into one service provider…because not every service provider is a master of all skills. We actually encourage our guests to try someone else.
Recommendations received are based on what is truly the best product or service for you.
If your favorite service provider is busy we will give a recommendation on another therapist to see in the interim so that you can stay on your wellness schedule.

So next time you step into Kneaded Relief see if you can feel the difference. Team Based System gives our team the ability to learn and grow and to focus on what is most important; which is YOU our guest.