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Your Body is Your Temple, Make it Shine

facemassageBody treatments from Kneaded Relief exfoliate and soften, making your skin glow. Look at our menu below and treat yourself to the luxury beauty treatment of a lifetime.

Body Buff $50

The skin is gently exfoliated with a gentle cleanser to remove dead skin cells. After the skin is wiped clean with hot steam towels, an ultra rich moisturizer is applied to soften the skin. (30 min) 


Body Polish $80

Choose one of nine organic polish scents made from pacific sea salts and essential oils. Steam towels will be applied, followed by a full body exfoliation.  You will then be led to a warm bath where the salts will be whisked away by the bubbling water.  You will be left with skin that is incredibly soft and smooth from the emollient oils. (60 min)

Herbology Body Wrap $85

This is the best way to relax the entire body – whole being relaxation. Oils are first applied to the body, then a mixture of herbs are sprinkled on the body and rubbed in to remove dead skin cells. Then you are wrapped in a thermal blanket allowing your body heat to melt and absorb the herbs. After 15 minutes, you are unwrapped and a rich moisturizer is applied to the body to dissolve the remaining herbs. (75 min)

Siddha Body Detoxification $100

Experience this ancient treatment from India that detoxifies and de-stresses your entire body. It starts with a dry-brushing that invigorates circulation and sloughs away dead cells. A herb-filled pouch saturated with warm East Indian Sandalwood Oil is stroked over your body. You are then enveloped in warm thermal blankets. Once unwrapped, the oils will be gently massaged in, leaving your skin softer and smoother than ever. (90 min)

Trissage Firmology Treatment $110

This unique spa treatment was designed to help tone-up tissue as it exfoliates rough body skin. It starts with a neck-to-toes Kerafole exfoliation to remove dead, dry skin cells. Your body is then sprinkled with healing Chinese herbs and comfortably wrapped in blankets for 10 minutes. The mask is removed with steam towels. A treatment creme is then applied to the body to nourish, promote firmness, and hydrate. A luxurious spa experience! (90 min)

Seaweed Mineral Wrap $100

This warm silken mud, comprised of mineral enriched algae to detoxify and re-mineralize your skin. The mud is applied to the body after a mild exfoliation process. You are then cocooned in hot herbal linens as the mud relaxes your muscles and assists in the elimination of impurities from the skin. An aromatherapy steam shower is included to rinse away the mud. (90 min)

Customized Aromatherapy Body Wrap $110

This enticing treatment begins with a selection of pure, therapeutic grade organic essential oil blend of Young Living oils. A full body dry brushing follows an aromatherapy scalp and foot massage. The oil blend is then applied to the body. Heated therapy is used to infuse the oils deeper into the skin while the body is wrapped in thermal blankets. The remaining oil blend is yours to take with you to continue the experience at home. (90 min)

Seasonal Body Treatment

Four times a year, treat yourself to a body treatment reaping the benefits of the current season.

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