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Private Hydrotherapy Treatments


Kneaded Relief Day Spa offers the only private hydrotherapy treatments in Madison. A great add on to any of our services, bubbles, steam and essential oils relax and invigorate. Each hydrotherapy room is private and sessions last 20-30 minutes.

Upgrade a Young living Essential Oil to steam for $10 more.

Aromatherapy Steam Shower $15

Steam helps purge the skin, opening and cleansing pores. The penetrating heat softens muscle tissue and is an excellent treatment after a massage to begin the body’s detoxification process.

Eucalyptus Oil: aids in freer breathing – good for someone suffering from sinus or allergy problems.
Lavender Oil: aids in relaxation – good for someone looking for total relaxation.

Dual Aromatherapy Steam Shower $30

A larger steam shower that can accommodate up to two people adjacent to our Waterman Suite.

Cleansing Mud Steam Shower $45

While enjoying an Aura Cacia Inspiration infused essential oil steam, you will partake in a self-guided mud application.  You will be given Sedona Clay infused with Vitamin E., Grape seed, Bladderwrack, Irish Moss, and Sage Essential oils.  Begin your treatment by applying this magnesium and vitamin-rich mud blend to your body, then relax in the wet heat of the steam, and lastly remove the mud with the available shower.  When completed your skin will be left glowing and your mind will feel encouraged to be creative.

Aromatherapy Bath $30

The bubble massage bath uses a gentle blend of Dead Sea salts and your choice of Young Living essential oil blends. Great before a massage to relax the muscles. With multiple levels of intensity as well as individual massage zones, choose from a light bubbling to an invigorating massage. You will feel the refreshing embrace of over 120 bubble jets as your tension melts away.

Salts only, no aromatherapy $25

*Unfortunately we cannot provide hydrotherapy services if you are pregnant