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KneadedRelief_SpaMassageKneaded Relief Day Spa and Wellness offers a variety of massage options performed by highly trained therapists who undergoes extensive and continuous training. Our massage therapists, like all our staff, must go through a rigorous selection. This is how we ensure not just skill, but talent, and that our massage therapists have a natural affinity for the “unteachable touch.”

Raindrop Therapy $140

This therapy uses light massage techniques and Young Living organic essential oils applied to various locations on the body to bring it into structural and electrical alignment. RDT is a simple application of dropping oils like drops of rain about 6 inches above the body. The oils are then worked into the spine using light strokes, which stimulate energy pulses and dispense the oils along the nervous system throughout the entire body. Hot packs are then applied to the spine to help drive the oils further into the central nervous system of the body. The oils will continue to work in the body for about 5 to 7 days after the treatment. (90 min)

Dot Calm $63

This is the perfect service for those of you who work on computers all day. Your therapist will massage your wrists, forearms, neck and shoulders to relax your tired, overworked muscles while your hands are soothed in warm paraffin wax. (30 min) 

Neck Stress $63

A neck and shoulder massage is given to release tension. This is followed by foot reflexology working neck points to further enhance your relaxation. (30 min)

Sports Massage $115

(Pre-events and post-events) Stretching techniques are designed to benefit muscles by realigning muscle fibers, improving range of motion, helping to heal scar tissue and flushing toxins from specific muscles. So, whether you are an active individual, professional or amateur athlete, weekend warrior, or working hard to stay fit, you can benefit from Sports Massage. Please ask for details. (75 min) 

Energy Balancing $53

If you are feeling sluggish or overwhelmed, treat yourself this relaxing and refreshing massage. Facilitating a flow of subtle energy to areas of blockage, your therapist will focus on the major and minor chakras of the body, releasing blocked energy. The depleted areas are balanced, recharged, and reenergized. Balancing your body in this way will help your well-being, enable your body to function more efficiently, and bring your into a state of deep relaxation with a calm mind. (30 min)This service can be performed on its own or can be added to any thirty-minute massage or longer for only $40. 

Sinus Massage $45

A combination of pressure points, lymphatic massage and essential oils are utilized on facial points to help with congestion, headaches, allergies, cold symptoms, stress, tension and lymphatic circulation. Combine this therapeutic treatment with an Aromatherapy Eucalyptus steam shower to increase the benefits. (30 min)

Aromatherapy Scalp Massage

Essential oils selected for their healing, moisturizing and detoxifying benefits are massaged into your scalp.  Experience rejuvenating pressure point therapy coupled with gentle stroking movements to penetrate the oils.  Combine this luxurious treatment with any wrap, massage or facial
Headache relief scalp massage for only $10 more

  • fifteen minute session $30
  • thirty minute session $45

Seasonal Massage

Four times a year, treat yourself to a seasonal massage service that reflects the changing seasons.

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