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Winter Seasonal Specials December 1, 2016 – February 28, 2017

Caramel “Apeel”ing Pudding Wrap $110.00 – 90 minutes

Remove dry, flaky and lackluster skin with our full body exfoliation Caramel “Apeel”ing Pudding Wrap. This wrap, packed with good enzymes, hydrating honey and coconut milk unleashes fresh and hydrated skin. Finish off this deluxe session with an Apple Cider Bath and caramel lotion to maximize your skins hydration. (60 minute wrap, 30 minute bath)

Chocolate Caramel Facial $125.00 – 90 minutes

Soak in the benefits of this creamy chocolate and caramel facial this winter season. Similar to our Relief Facial this service includes all of the lovely additions such as a foot massage. It will utilize a special chocolate mask that will boost your skins’ natural defense against wrinkles and sagging. This mask will leave your skin feeling taut, smooth and radiant. A caramel lotion is then used during your hand and arm massage leaving skin soft and hydrated.

Apple Pie A’la Mode Pedicure $70.00 – 60 minutes

This Farmhouse Fresh service begins with a robust hot apple cider soak with Epsom Salts, Vitamin E and Sweet Almond oils. Next, our Bourbon Bubbler sugar scrub made with pecan-whiskey and rice bran oil exfoliates away rough skin, leaving a smooth and fresh surface for the honey heel glaze to soften even further. Much like the dollop of ice cream on your favorite apple pie, we finish this lovely skin focused pedicure with a thick and creamy A’la Mode Shea Butter Melt. Served with Hot Apple Cider. Yumm!!!

Chocolate Fresh Massage $110.00 – 75 minutes

Does the winter season give you the blues? Come in for a refreshing chocolate massage to help ease the winter chill. This Seventy-Five Minute Massage includes reflexology and the invigorating scents of lavender and bergamot. These things combined assist in increasing a positive mentality throughout the winter months.

Caramel Apple Aroma Soak $35.00

Soak in the delectable aromas of Apple cider this winter season.  When the body has had it with the cold, slip into our Caramel Apple Aroma Soak and kiss the icy chill goodbye.  After 20 minutes of sweet serenity finish this service with a self application of our Backcountry Caramel Lotion.  Your skin and your mind will thank you.