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Meet Our Team Leaders

We are very proud of our handpicked staff. Our team of professional massage therapists, estheticians, fitness and wellness experts are a big part of what makes us a World Class Spa. Take your time to learn about them, get to know them.

Dana Neal
Spa Manager/Group Fitness Instructor

Through each milestone in my life, Wellness has been an integrative part. My fondest memories of my childhood surrounded around being active. From the time I can remember I was always doing some sort of physical activity. My mom tells a story that when I was a little girl I use to tell my mom that I was going to get “my energy” and I would go downstairs and put in one of her “Sweatin to the Oldies” tapes and workout to it. Now being a Group Fitness Instructor, I can’t help but feel like I was destined for this.

When I went to college, I went thinking that I wanted to be an Engineer. As fate would have it, my sophomore year of college I started working at Kneaded Relief. I think the environment of Kneaded Relief changed me. It showed me how much I enjoyed working with people and how much I cared for others well-being. Because of this, I changed my career goals and eventually graduated with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Legal Studies.

Once college was completed, I felt like no other place could compare to what Kneaded Relief offered and so together the Owners and I worked to establish my place here. I went to Strategies Business Academy out in Connecticut to improve my managerial skills for a spa setting and I began to structure my life around Wellness so that it would help me work with a Wellness minded team.

While managing Kneaded Relief I decided to become an AFAA licensed Group Fitness Instructor. I thought that it would enhance my Wellness career by learning this side of the business. I now get to teach classes and help individuals see how broad of a spectrum Wellness really is.
In August of 2014 I had my son, probably the most life affirming experience ever. I knew that I wanted to give him the best life I could and right away my husband and I decided to start making some Wellness decisions for him.

My life has been incredible, full of love, happiness and I think it is because “Wellness” has always been a factor. I truly cannot think of any other way I would have wanted it to play out and I am excited to see what the many chapters of future wellness brings.




Melissa Hoefling
Esthetics Department Manager, WI Licensed Esthetician

Hello and welcome to Kneaded Relief. I am Melissa Hoefling and I am an Aesthetician. I am also fortunate to be the Esthetics Department Manager of a great team of Estheticians.

I grew up in Green Bay, WI and graduated from Martins Collage of Cosmetology and earned a license in esthetics. As a teenager, I struggled with problematic skin and I enjoyed studying the skin and ways I could improve it. My parents took me to Martins to meet with them and to learn more about esthetics. I fell in love with it right away.

I started my journey at Kneaded Relief in September of 2000. Throughout my career, I have been so blessed to take care of each and every guest I see. I truly love my career and the team I work with.

I hope to educate you about your skin and skin care needs and also to help you rest from life’s everyday stress. You deserve time for yourself and I thank you for choosing Kneaded Relief for your wellness care.


Pam Rosecky
Massage Department Manager, WI Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Nationally Certified in Therapeutic, Massage and Bodywork (NCTMB)

Hi! My name is Pam Rosecky and I am a Massage Therapist here at Kneaded Relief. I graduated from Spirit Touch Ins. in 1998 and specialize in relaxation massage and chair massage (I’ve done 5,088 chair massages). Besides my specialties in massage, I also perform Energy Work. Energy Work is really my passion. Everything and everybody is energy. I love to open doors for clients to relax. Clients heal themselves when they can melt and go to the place within themselves that is peaceful and sweet. A big piece of advice I would give to my clients is that your body talks to you all the time, listen to it and become balanced and harmonized.

Before I became a MT I owned my own daycare for 11 years. I also was a Surgical Technician specializing in ear, nose & throat. At that time in my life I realized that I felt old, tired and unhappy and that I was in need to find my personal way. Massage School provided me with the personal growth that I was searching for. I am now much happier, healthier, positive and younger.

In my spare time, what brings me joy is playing in the dirt (gardening), reading, making jewelry, and traveling. I have been to Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia to visit relatives and foreign exchange students. I also traveled to Guam to see my first grandson.

One of my great experiences in life was in 2002 when I was part of the Massage Team for the Winter Olympics-Paralympics in Salt Lake City. The first athlete wheeled his chair into the massage room; he had no legs from the thighs down. He asked me, “ Is this going to bother you to work on an amputee?”. I replied without hesitation “Absolutely not”.

Landing the position at KR was a huge gift from above. Everyone is so professional and fun to work with. They treat you like family and want you to succeed. I am doing the dance of happiness for all that is presented to me.

“Life is good – enjoy. I am grateful to all who allow me into their personal space, Thank you” – Pam


Krystal Reimer
Nail Department Manager, WI Licensed Cosmetologist

I think I’m supposed to be writing about my journey to Kneaded Relief but let’s call it an adventure, shall we? I grew up in the days of “go play outside” and “be home by dark.” When I wasn’t catching frogs or snakes or seeing how many caterpillars I could get to crawl on me at once, I was in the garage watching Dad rebuild old cars and trucks. As I got older, I fell in love with the outdoors and horses and my parents really didn’t see me unless I was hungry. I’ve had a billion dreams and plenty of realities. To this day I’m not sure what I want to be when I grow up, purely because I’m not too keen on growing up.

In my dreams I’ve been the pilot of an Apache helicopter for the military, I’ve been a racecar driver (Indy or drag, not Nascar), I’ve been a famous cartoonist and the writer of a giggle-worthy column. Here in the real work, my vision isn’t good enough to fly an Apache, but I’ve built demolition derby cars and driven them to pieces. I’m a racecar driver every time I get behind the wheel of that old Trans Am Dad and I built, I write for myself, for my sanity, and for my children I’m the best cartoonist you’ve ever seen on a Magnadoodle.

My path of beauty and wellness, comes from the person I’ve spoken the least about: my mother. My mother who, to this day, works herself to the bone at a factory job. My mother who said “oh could you please just go be a girl” when at seventeen I was dead set on custom auto body as a career. Admittedly, my angst teenage self didn’t like this advice, but I did need it, and now each day when I wake up happy to go to work and not breath paint fumes or lay on a cement floor, I thank her. Each day I look out at this prairie view, I thank her for making me go be a girl. Without her, I may have never found the yin to my very prevalent yang.

Today, my clients are my masterpiece from their nails to their healthy, happy skin to their engaging conversation. So cheers to dreams, and cheers to realities. Cheers to fast cars and cute sundresses, but mostly, cheers to the happiness you can achieve if you just let go of the wheel.