Pregnant Skin

With pregnancy comes a variety of changes, but one that affects about 90% of pregnant women in one form or another is a change in their skin.  Due to the spike in hormones, the blood volume increase, and the potential of increased secretions of the sebaceous glands, pregnant women can experience acne and hyper-pigmentation along with potential psoriasis, eczema or rosacea if predisposed to these.

Well I know for a fact (well actually just assumed fact), that no pregnant woman is excited about the potential of acne, wrinkles, and brown spots let alone psoriasis, eczema or rosacea, so what should a pregnant woman due to help with these problems?

1.) Consult a doctor.  Speak with your doctor to find out what they recommend to use during your pregnancy.  Some ingredients such as salicylic acid (usually found in acne products), is not recommended for pregnant women.

2.) Take your information from your Doctor and set up a skin consultation with a licensed Esthetician.  Most Estheticians (all of them at Kneaded Relief) are familiar with what should and should not be used on pregnant women.  They also know how to keep a pregnant woman comfortable during a facial service by either propping up the head or providing support so you can lay with your legs on their side.

3.) Start an at-home care regime that is safe for your use but also keeps your skin in check between visits with your Esthetician.  Most products for at-home use will have calming or barrier building properties, and will not include abrasive exfoliation or harsh ingredients.  Also, a sunscreen should be used.

4.) Schedule facials every 4 weeks.  Allow an Esthetician to be part of your pregnancy experience.  By seeing you on a consistent basis they are then able to manage your skin and the products you are using more efficiently.  Your skin turns over every 4 weeks which alone should be a reason to head in to see a professional, but with also being pregnant your skin will go through a majority of ups and downs and this will give you the opportunity to stay up-to-speed with it.  Facials available at Kneaded Relief.

Being pregnant and navigating all of the unique things that happen is a challenge in itself.  Let professionals who are educated on pregnancy and the skin provide a comfortable environment and an enjoyable experience for you.

Dana Neal – Spa Manager, Group Fitness Instructor and Currently Pregnant with 2nd Child

Bioelements is the product line used and can be customized for pregnant skin.
Bioelements is the product line used and can be customized for pregnant skin.

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