Stress Relief for the Full Timer

Stress unfortunately can be part of my day-to-day life.  I can stress over a number of different things before 8:00am rolls around (daughter woke up with a boogie nose – is she sick?, son climbed in bed with me last night – is he getting enough sleep?, did I remember to feed the dog?, traffic is a nightmare – probably will be late for work, etc. etc. etc.).  I look to resources on how to de-stress and realistically I just can’t partake in a number of these items because I am a working mom.  As much as I would love a bubble bath, or time to color in a coloring book or peace and quiet for that matter, I just don’t get that, and that is ok because I have found 5 other things that I can do that can happen all while in my car, with my kids in the back, or at my desk at work.

Quick Fix for Stress…

    1. Taking a deep breath – Just 1 time per hour take a deep breath.  6 seconds breathing in thru your nose and 6 seconds out thru your mouth.  If you are really ambitious, take 3 deep breaths per hour.

      Take a deep breath
      Take a deep breath
    2. Saying to yourself, “It is ok.” – Sometimes all I need to do is remind myself that, it is ok.  It is ok that I had to pick up dinner tonight instead of make it.  It is ok that I bought Valentines instead of hand making them for my son’s school.  It is ok that I wear leggings as pants (my shirt is always covering up everything).  It is ok that I am still not sure if leggings are suppose to be considered as pants.  Letting yourself off the hook is sometimes exactly what you need to let go of the stress that comes with trying to do it all.  PS. You are doing it all.
    3. Using a drive thru – I am very lucky that we have a drive-thru liquor store in my town, yes you read that right…a drive-thru liquor store.  Now not everyone is that lucky, but how great is it when you don’t have to get out of your car (and your kids out of your car), and you get your lunch, coffee, dinner or bottle of wine handed to you.  In my opinion you should take advantage of drive-thru’s on the regular.
    4. Music, Music, Music – Turn up the music.  Music lifts the spirit and allows you to detach from your other stressful thoughts for awhile.  Music is known to relax you, energize you, make you sing even when you know you can’t carry a tune.
    5. Shake, Wiggle, and Move – Move your body.  Shake your legs, wiggle your hips, do jazz hands, I don’t care, just move.  Your body is not meant to be sedentary.  Getting the blood flowing increases your endorphin’s and makes you feel better.  Perfect for when you are feeling stressed.

Relieving stress doesn’t always have to take a ton of time.  It just needs a few quality focused minutes and you will feel like a new person.  And if you are like me, you will totally embarrass your children with your rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off” as you pull away from school on your way to grab your bottle of wine, and that alone is worth the small amount of effort.

Dana Neal – Spa Manager, Group Fitness Instructor and not as stressed Mama

Let Plan B be your Plan A

This quote, “Let Plan B be your Plan A”, came across my ears this morning on the radio and it struck me!  What an interesting concept.  The person on the radio was talking about how often you plan and create your “A” strategy and then how often something happens and throws off Plan A.  You are then automatically put on to track B.  Well there are two things you can then do with Plan B.  You can complain, be upset, and dig your heels in because this was not your original plan, or you can let Plan B be your Plan A.

What a great way to live life…

Planning 2.10.17
Family Planning Day

I started to think to myself how much negative time and energy would be removed if I just let Plan A go and seamlessly allowed Plan B to take over.  Being very Type A (pun intended), I can schedule things to a fault.  My intention actually for 2017 was to be more adventurous because I realized I had gotten to a point in my life where if things weren’t planned I would break out in metaphorical hives, itching to have a plan and being incredibly frustrated if I didn’t have one.  Needless to say, I almost always have a Plan A.  The rarity though in which Plan A goes off without a hitch is high.  Now with small children it is almost a guarantee that something will put me into Plan B.  Children just don’t operate on parents’ schedules, they operate on THEIR schedules.  So what does that all boil down to?  Well it brings me back to why this quote hit a positive chord with me this morning.  I can have my Plan A (which I love), but if I end up with a Plan B I am going to have just as much enthusiasm and passion for it as I would for Plan A.

Plan C-hildren:

Lastly, I am going to realize that Plan A and Plan B still might turn in to Plan C-hildren, and that can work for me to.

Dana Neal – Spa Manager, Group Fitness Instructor, Open to Plan A,B or C.


Bach Rescue Remedy – My Personal Story

My bottle of Bach Rescue Remedy
My bottle of Bach Rescue Remedy

It has been over 9 years now since I was introduced to Bach Rescue Remedy.  Honestly when I was first made aware of this product I really thought, “this is a bunch of bologna and it is clearly if anything a placebo effect.”.  Well that was at least my thought until this past fall.

What is Bach?

Bach Flower Remedies Limited utilizes flower essences to create products to help with a number of different emotional states.  Bach Rescue Remedy is a natural stress relief spray.  It provides a gentle, non habit forming stress relief by simply being sprayed in the mouth.  The product is homeopathic, vegan and gluten free.

Well as I was saying, I was introduced to Bach over 9 years ago and I purposefully had not used it.  I recommended it to guests and to my friends and family because I wanted to believe it would work, but I felt honestly that there was no way a spray was going to do anything for my mental health.

It was September of this past year when I was heading back to work after my maternity leave with my daughter and my son, who had just turned 2, was now going to go to daycare full time vs. part time.  I had convinced myself that he would be fine.  He would not be upset that he didn’t get to spend part of his week with his grandparents and he would totally understand why his mom had to go to work…you probably all know where this story is going.  Instead of having a well adjusted 2 year old I had a sobbing, clinging, frazzled, massively emotional 2 year old who I literally had to yank off my leg when I left him at school.  It was horrible.  Day after day he sobbed and I sobbed in the car on the ride to work because I felt like the worst human being alive.  I had no idea what to do.  He was 2 and emotional and I was a breastfeeding, mother-of-two, hormonal roller coaster myself.  There was no magic pill for this situation, but then as I was sitting at my desk I looked over to our retail shelves and saw Bach Rescue Remedy.  It was then I thought, “I have nothing to lose.”

Now on the bottle it did say that if you are pregnant or breastfeeding to consult a doctor and it also said that it should be not directed at children under 12, so I went to my doctor and told her what I knew and what this was.  Her personal advice was that it would be fine for me and for my kiddo to use (please advise your own physician when considering taking Bach).  So the next day I purchased some, and the day after that I tried the spray on my son.  His immediate reaction was, “that is spicy mama”, and he wanted nothing to do with it.  I went to Pam our Massage Department Manager and asked if there was any other way to apply it.  She suggested spraying some into my hand and then rubbing it on the back of his neck, so that was what I tried next.  It had been just over a week of using Bach and then it happened.  I asked my son when he got to school if he wanted “his spray”, he said yes and I applied it to the back of his neck.  He then took my hand, walked calmly into the classroom, gave me a hug and a kiss goodbye and said, “bye mom”.  I LEFT STUNNED!

Once in the car with my jaw picked off my chest, I realized that this spray might have done the trick.  Driving to work that day was incredible.  I was happy and my stomach didn’t feel in knots.  Ever since I have been using Bach Rescue Remedy and telling everyone about it.  Not only that but I started to use it too.  I don’t use it everyday but I use it when I start to get stressed or I worry.  Having kids, a full time job and a busy husband there are a number of things that cause stress, so each time I feel that feeling coming on I just spray some Bach Rescue Remedy and I instantly start to calm down.  I became more rational, clear-headed and I worry A LOT LESS.

I was a non believer and I became a believer.  If this is just a placebo effect, well I don’t care.  It gives me a homeopathic option to help my kids not cry, and for me to worry less.  I will take that option any day.

Dana Neal – Spa Manager, Group Fitness Instructor and Mom of two