3 Deep Breaths for Road Rage

Kneaded Relief is located in Fitchburg, WI just outside of Madison, WI (our state capital).  One of the major arteries into and out of the city is what we refer to as the “Beltline”.  The Beltline is fantastic in that it runs through the city and can get you to a large portion of the places you need to go in an orderly manner; however when there is construction, an accident, or any random traffic related issue the once fabulous Beltline can become your worst nightmare.  Furthermore, if you planned to be anywhere by a certain time and the Beltline is “slow moving” there is a very good chance you will be late or miss whatever you needed to get to.

It is our assumption that there are many of you who have a similar major highway, road, etc. that you travel upon daily.  Due to this, we wanted to bring up the 3 Deep Breaths Rule.  In our line of work we use the 3 Deep Breaths rule often to help our guests calm the mind and body before a service begins.  You take 3 Deep Breaths (in thru the nose and out thru the mouth – as if you are blowing out birthday candles).  By the 3rd breath the hope is that your body begins to relax and your mind begins to eliminate the many thoughts that are screaming through it.  How this ties into driving is this…when on your route, if you run across a situation that is going to cause you to be late or brings on any feelings of road rage, try the 3 Deep Breaths Rule.  Remind yourself that getting angry or upset will not make traffic go any faster, it will not make you feel any better, and it will not make you a better driver.  On our Beltline, there are multiple electronic signs that periodically flash how many traffic deaths we have had in 2015.  We personally do not want to see that number rise as we drive to and from work, so next time you come in contact with a traffic “headache” remember the 3 Deep Breaths Rule.

In thru the nose and out thru the mouth….ahhhhh….so much better.