Dream Time Will Be Missed

Thankfully in this post the Dream Time that I am speaking off has nothing to do with actual sleep.  The amount of sleep you receive at night and the part of time in which you dream is another whole post in itself.  What this discussion is about is a product called Dream Time.  For years Kneaded Relief has carried the Dream Time line of Shoulder Wraps, Body Wraps, Lumbar Wraps, Eye and Sinus Pillows and Sleep Masks.

Dream Time Sleep Mask
Dream Time Sleep Mask

They were well made products that incorporated Heat Therapy, Cold Therapy and Aromatherapy and came from Eastern medicine inspiration.  The very sad news is this company has decided to no longer appeal to Small Businesses.  Its spin off company Spa Comforts will now be taking the forefront and be marketed to solely large corporations (Target, Walmart, etc.).  Dream Time was highly superior in quality and Spa Comforts is made for the masses.  So why talk about this product now?  Well Kneaded Relief has a small stock left of the Dream Time products and we want our guests to have the opportunity to receive this quality of a product before it goes completely away.  We will be researching and looking for another company to takes it place because we do believe in all the benefits Dream Time offered and once we do find that company we will let you know.  In the meantime, here is why Dream Time was so beneficial and what made it special.  Please feel free to stop in while supplies last.

As Dream Time itself stated, “imagine a life where you move through your days with ease and grace – no resistance to your true nature of being well.  You sleep easy, breathe easy and live easy.  Dream Time’s products help temper the aches and pains that come with the stress and pressure of daily life and they help show you how to find that quiet place inside where calm prevails and harmony flows.”

Dream Time incorporated 3 types of therapy into their products.

    1. Heat Therapy: a natural remedy that helps increase blood flow, relax tight, sore, achy muscles and reduce joint stiffness.  Moist heat penetrates deeply and provides soothing comfort, allowing stress and tension to simply melt away.
    2. Cold Therapy: naturally reduces swelling, helps alleviate aches and pains and is the time-tested treatment for sports injuries and relaxing muscle spasms.  Cold therapy can bring your body back into balance and harmony and is a wonderful way to rejuvenate your spirit.
    3. Aromatherapy: the use of aromatic plants to encourage good health and well-being has been practiced for thousands of years.  The aromas from pure plant oils are truly holistic and can have a powerful and positive effect on the mind, body and spirit.  Aromatherapy can help alleviate the various symptoms of stress to help you unwind and connect with your inner self.

The combination of these 3 elements in one’s lifestyle is a conscious decision to make a healthier lifestyle choice and a new approach to preventative health.

We do wish that this company was still afloat, but it is out of our hands.  Stop in to our location to pick up a wonderful product that had too short of a life.

Dana Neal – Spa Manager and Group Fitness Instructor