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The Weight of Monday

Starting Over on a Monday
Starting Over on a Monday

It is Monday again, and most people associate Monday with “starting over”.  Last week you started your new diet, by Wednesday you cheated on it a little, and by the weekend it was fully blown, so you committed to Monday being the day you would start over.  Monday feels like a fresh start, but in reality it is just another beginning to a failed attempt.  The cycle needs to be stopped, so at Kneaded Relief we say to start your new adventure be it a diet, or a healthy lifestyle change, or a new workout routine on a Wednesday or Thursday or really any day besides Monday.  Take the weight off by starting on a day that doesn’t carry so much weight.  Autumn Calabrese – Celebrity Fitness Instructor says, “if you are tired of starting over, stop quitting.”  Find a way to break the cycle and take the pressure off Monday.  You just might start to enjoy Mondays a little bit more.

Increasing Wellness with Blogging

Kneaded Relief Front DoorOur mission is to increase a client’s overall wellness.  This blog is designed to help with that journey.  In the spa and wellness industry we run across (pun intended) a variety of areas that could really use a blog post for additional explanation.  At Kneaded Relief we plan on using this blog to expand on what we provide our guests and hopefully give some additional insight into the world of wellness.

We look forward to sharing this wellness journey with you.