Painting Your Nails is a Wellness Practice

Painting your nails can be healthy for your soul – we think.

Paint your nails for Wellness.
Paint your nails for Wellness.

There has been a plethora of information out there regarding how colors make you feel.  Here at the spa we purposefully painted our walls colors that would invoke the feelings of peace and calm and relaxation.  We wanted guests to walk in and feel at ease.  A lot of salons have their staff dress in all black so that the service provider fades into the background and the client gets the attention.  Marketing in particular has really taken this concept of “Color Psychology” and run with it.  Think of websites and how the colors used matches the feelings those places want to create.  Some businesses use color to get noticed or to get a certain reaction from the public.  What are the feelings you get from a bright red billboard vs. a neutral one?

Taking this color psychology idea and running with it, we believe that painting your nails can have an effect on how you feel.  Let’s take the color red.  Painting your nails a bright shade of red could evoke the feelings of passion and excitement within you, or maybe it could spark those feelings in a significant other.  Or how about the color blue?  Maybe for the summer you pick a blue shade the color of the Caribbean Sea.  This could conjure up a feeling of bliss and memories of a beautiful beach scene.  Maybe you go with Pink.  Pink makes you feel young at heart and alive.  It is the color of bubble gum and spring flowers.  You want to feel trendy – try aquamarine, you want to feel sophisticated, why not go with a steel gray.

Give your soul a Wellness pick-me-up with a $10.00 bottle of nail polish.