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Winter Seasonal Services — December 1st – February 28th

The Cozy Facial – 90 Minutes – $125

This facial is a combination of our classic Full Facial and our delicious Farm House Fresh Pajama Paste Mask! You will receive a scalp massage with some stimulating peppermint & rosemary essential oil. Followed by the usual facial routine and then the Pajama Paste mask will be applied!  This active yogurt mask is a skin tightener, super hydrator and redness reducer, the perfect trio for your winter skin!

*The tingle means it’s working  *Not recommended for sensitive skin but great for rosacea-prone and aging skin. 

Vanilla Mint Pedicure – 60 Minutes – $70

Let the euphoria of Vanilla, combined with the uplifting scent and flavor of mint, bring those tired holiday shopping feet back to life!  Soak your feet in a warm tub with Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils to soothe away soreness.  After a Sweet Cream scrub and luxurious eco-fin dip mixed with Vanilla Bourbon Oil, you can decompress, looking out over the snowy prairie while sipping some hot mint tea. This service ends with a Sweet Cream massage and your choice of polish!

Fire & Ice Massage – 75 Minutes – $120

A seasonal massage unlike any other! Between the cooling scents of peppermint & rosemary and the heat from the hot stone massage on your back, you’ll end up forgetting all about the stresses of the holidays! Take the next 75 minutes to just melt away on our table. *Ask your massage therapist for some Tei-Fu with your massage to step up the heat!* 

Sweet Mint Body Polish – 60 Minutes – $100

Replenish your skin’s moisture with Farmhouse Fresh’s Sweet Cream Body Polish! To begin, your skin will be exfoliated with the warming body polish. Following this, you will be led to our bubble massage bath where you will have 30 minutes to soak in a salt bath with rosemary and peppermint and you can allow the oils left behind from the warming polish to sink deep into the skin. To finish it all off, we will provide you with some of Farmhouse Fresh’s Sweet Cream Body Milk to apply if you so desire. 

Candy Cane Champagne Bubble Massage Bath – 30 Minutes – $35

A Bubble massage bath promotes relaxation, stimulation and detoxification. Perfect as a single service or added as a bath therapy to enhance a massage or body treatment. Our Candy Cane Champagne Bubble Massage Bath will lift your spirits with a fragrant bath bomb while soothing your muscles, alleviating stress, elevating your mood and hydrating your skin with all of its oils!