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Our manicurists are some of the most experienced, dedicated and talented individuals in the industry.

WI Licensed Nail Technician

Hi, my name is Tammy. I started doing nails in 1992, after I graduated from Capri College. It is my passion and joy. I love helping people look and feel great. I was born and raised in Madison. I developed family values, loyal friendships and a mid western work ethic. I embrace my family’s heritage and continue to gather strength from them.

My hobbies include playing league softball, watching Brewers baseball and NASCAR. I also enjoy traveling to areas where beach and ocean life is the focus. Also important to me is staying healthy, cooking, celebrating holidays and life events with family, friends, and clients.

I am happy to be a part of the KR team and I look forward to meeting all of you and sharing my passion for nails.

“My recent Spa Pedicure experience was excellent from start to finish. TheTammy was friendly and professional and my piggies were cared for to the fullest extent. Thanks for the excellent spa experience!”

Manicurists Department Manager, WI Licensed Manicurist

Growing up as a tom boy on the East Coast I never imagined being where I am today. Our family relocated from Rhode Island to Wisconsin when I was 12, and as hard as it was to adjust from the city life as a preteen, I was grateful. I never did understand the importance of relaxation, quiet and down time. In the city everything is built around being fast, quantity over quality, life is noisy, apartments are cramped and privacy is rare. Midwest living in my point of view is built more around the wellness aspect, from organic local and fresh foods, to embracing what the land has to offer like hunting, farming, fishing, open fields and good old camping. I have found my home and I’m here to stay!

November 2014 I was blessed with a baby boy, Asher. He is everything I could’ve ever wanted and more! He loves running around outside, jumping in puddles, playing in mud and all that crazy little boy madness so being here at Kneaded Relief is a getaway for mama as well a wonderful place to practice what I love. Having 2 sisters I really took a liking to the beauty industry, but I wanted to do more than to just make someone look good, I wanted them to feel amazing as well. I decided to get my feet wet in the industry by obtaining my manicurist license. Being a manicurist allows me to spread knowledge that people didn’t realize was so important. Hands and feet get used and abused on a daily basis and very rarely do we have the desire or time to keep up with the care ourselves but we almost always find time for relaxing with a friend, reading a book or having a nice conversation, well why not get some relaxation and care for your hands and feet here?

Kneaded Relief has been an amazing place for me to continue my education and grow as a therapist. I love the team here, the devotion and dedication to providing relaxing services, wonderful customer service and all over wellness. Never had I thought that I would want to go back to school after graduating in 2008 but Kneaded Relief and its clients’ give me that motivation to go back for more, to learn more, and be able to spread more knowledge. Being the oldest of 4 I will always be a caregiver at heart. So come on in and give me the chance to take care of you!

WI Licensed Manicurist

Hello and welcome to Kneaded Relief Day Spa & Wellness.

My name is Schana and I am a Manicurist here at Kneaded Relief Day Spa & Wellness. My path to Kneaded Relief began in1999 after graduating from Wisconsin College of Nail Technology. Over the past 18 years, I have experienced the ever changing trends in the Nail Industry from artificial nails to the amazing Shellac manicure (why didn’t someone think of this miracle product sooner)!

My sense of humor and laid back personality make my guests time in the chair fun, enjoyable, comfortable and relaxing, and my love for the Nail Industry stems from the personal connections I have the opportunity to make each day. Guest satisfaction and customer service are the most important things to me. I love making people feel good and look good. It is a great way to learn about life, and it is always rewarding.

I have two amazing kiddos Christopher 24, and Arianna 11, who are my world! I reside in Evansville Wisconsin, but grew up in Stoughton, Wisconsin. I moved to Evansville 16 years ago and this is my “home”, and I love it here! I also have a dog! My family is small but we are very close, and in my free time I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy cooking, baking, hiking, fishing, relaxing, reading and crocheting.

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you!

WI Licensed Nail Technician

Hello! My name is Lynn and my path to Kneaded Relief was one that led me to a new beginning.

I’m a native Madisonian, and have built and established many relationships with people in this community. Throughout my life I have always been active in sports including volleyball, softball, track and gymnastics. I love being part of a team, all working together to achieve a goal, but at the same time achieving my own personal goals with the support of my team members.

After high school I heard great things about the instructors at the Scientific School of Beauty. Because of their positive reputation, I enrolled and started my career in Cosmetology. I concentrated any extra time I had available on perfecting the craft of nails. I wanted that to be my niche. Now I have been performing nail services for over 24 years and it is still my passion!

On the personal side, I have 2 beautiful children that are a huge part of my life. I love seeing their accomplishments as they grow.

I am a believer that everything happens for a reason, and I felt very drawn to Kneaded Relief and the Wellness aspect that they had. I believe in helping people feel good and I am committed to listening and understanding my guest’s needs. I want clients to leave here feeling refreshed and taken care of.

I look forward to meeting you and giving you a great nail service!

WI Licensed Nail Technician

Hi my name is Alanah or Lana for short!  I was born and raised in Rockford Il., which is where most of my family still is.  My mom is a Massage Therapist, I have one sister, three nieces and one nephew! I also have a son, a step daughter and two crazy cats.  In my free time I like to cook, do yoga and take family trips.

I moved to Madison in 2012 after I graduated from Harlem High School.  My parents are very earth friendly and all about organic so when I found Aveda Cosmetology School I couldn’t wait to start working towards my career.  Unfortunately, with only three months left I was in a serious car accident and couldn’t finish the program so I knew it was time for a change.

I have a great love and passion for nails, so I worked for a few years until I finally decided to sign up for school once more, but this time doing what I love, Nails!  I attended Elite Nail School and graduated in 2017.  After a few short months we were blessed with our baby boy Giovanni.  Well, they sure aren’t lying when they say babies are a lot of work, but that didn’t stop me from doing nails and continuing my education.

I am a licensed Nail Technician, certified in Wisconsin and also have advanced in Cuccio Powder Polish Dip training system, Manicure, Pedicure, Shellac and Russian Manicuring.  I love being a part of the Kneaded Relief Team and make it a priority to make our clients’ look and feel amazing, inside and out.