The History of Massage

Every culture has their own form of massage, from the fully clothed stretching of Thailand to the nearly naked Iomi Iomi of Hawaii.  Each has a different explanatory model, from the meridians of acupressure to the anatomy of myofascial release.  The common denominator?


Why do we enjoy touch so much? So much so that we pay people for it?

Social grooming is an essential part of being alive, and you can see it not only across cultures, but across the animal kingdom (and all over youtube!) Your favorite video of that cat massaging a sheep?  Social grooming.  Those silly primates at the zoo, picking bugs off each other? Social grooming.

The health benefits of social grooming are clear:  stress goes down, health goes up, and social bonds get stronger.  In a world that is becoming increasingly more physically isolated as we spend more and more time online, prioritizing touch has become even more important.

So hug your friends, cuddle your pets, and make an appointment today to reap the benefits of social grooming, and enjoy the touch we all crave.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts featuring our massage therapists and the modalities they choose to incorporate into their work!

Chloe Bradley, Massage Therapist