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PleaseKneadedRelief_Massage let us know if you prefer a certain type of massage or pressure so that we can schedule you with the appropriate therapist. Please inform your therapist of your needs throughout the massage – too hot, too cold, too much pressure, not enough pressure, etc. Though we have some of the best trained therapists, they still need your input to make your experience truly wonderful. Our staff consists of both male and female therapists. You will be scheduled with either unless you specify a preference at time of booking.

Kneaded Relief Massage

A variety of techniques are employed to not only stretch and loosen muscle and connective tissue, but also to greatly improve circulation throughout the body. A consultation is included in the treatment time. Massage speeds the removal of metabolic waste products resulting from exercise or inactivity. The release of muscular tension will increase energy flow, bringing new awareness to areas that have felt “cut off” by chronic tension patterns.

  • Thirty minute $75
  • Forty-five minute $90
  • Sixty minute $105
  • Seventy-five minute $120
  • Ninety minute $135
  • One hour forty-five minute $150
  • Two hour massage $165

Aromatherapy Massage

Add your choice of Young Living organic essential oil blend to your massage experience for an additional $10 or try our Oil of the Month for only $7 Add an Aura Cacia oil for only $5

Relief Massage

This add-on to your massage is designed to promote total relaxation by including warm, aromatherapy compresses to your treatment. The warmth will allow your muscles to relax and soften while the aromatherapy oils allows your mind to drift into a state of deep relaxation. Add to any seventy-five minute massage or longer for only $10 more.

Hot Stone Massage

The deep penetrating heat of basalt stones glide over the body allowing the muscles to quickly relax, enabling the therapist to work deeply. The hot stones encourage the exchange of blood and lymph bringing relief to areas of pain. Add to any sixty minute massage or longer for only $15 more.

Pregnancy Massage

Relieve tension and stress on your lower back and other areas as the body adjusts to carrying a baby. A forty-five minute to a seventy-five minute massage can be performed side lying on an expectant mother by the use of a wedge and pillows. We request waiting until the second trimester before getting a massage. Please provide a written doctor’s permission for any pregnancy massage. * no additional charge.



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